Graphics is a huge passion of mine. It enables me to stay spontaneous and gives me an opportunity for creative fulfilment. I put a lot of commitment into my work, and take by the handful all the benefits offered by the Internet and contemporary advertising.

The ability of creating new interesting solutions makes sense only when we are cooperating with other people. Together it is much easier to achieve goals and set high standards of our service.

I’ve spent the last 30 years in the Graphics and Printing industries, working alongside some of the best creatives in some of the biggest Agencies and Print companies, and on some of the largest and most prestigious clients, both in Australia and overseas.

In doing that, I’ve gained immeasurable experience and a high degree of knowledge covering a wide spectrum of different aspects and techniques across the graphics and print industries.

I’ve also used that knowledge to include Web design/development and Social media management as an adjunct to my freelance work.

I’m a single bloke who travels in his off-time, born and bred in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and likes nothing better than spending a weekend with friends on a farm with a couple of beers, a great view, and some lively banter.

I love working as part of a team, and get a high degree of satisfaction from seeing a happy client walk away with a premium product.

Some clients I’ve worked on include: